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Written by: Byron Goines
Narrated by: Byron Goines
Length: 58 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: 07-17-13
Publisher: Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines
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    Full Audiobook Length: 58 minutes

    Learn how to engage in a debate on the subject of the tithe in a powerful audiobook written by Byron Goines. This audiobook will thoroughly inform listeners on the subject of the tithe through the utilization of a debate style format which includes the pro-tithe side and a rebuttal by Byron Goines. The audiobook also includes a "Tithe Debate Tools" section, which is a valuable tool for anyone who may enter into a debate on the subject of the tithe. This is a must-listen for everyone seeking to learn the truth about the tithe.


    Byron Goines is an entrepreneur, publisher, author, narrator, producer, activist, preacher, political scientist, and historian, along with his wife Meshelle. Truth, justice, and equality are his mission as he informs people on areas where misinformation and propaganda are disseminated, along with seeking to encourage, inspire, and motivate. Byron and his wife have been preaching and teaching the truth about the Bible for years in an effort to disseminate the truth to as many people as possible, so they can disseminate it to others who can disseminate it to others, and so on and so forth. Many deceptions have been taught by so-called preachers and teachers, through various methods and for various reasons which include money.

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