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Written by: Byron Goines
Narrated by: Byron Goines
Length: 29 minutes 26 seconds
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: 08-26-19
Publisher: Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines
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    Byron Goines compares and contrasts the Senate salary increases since 1789 with the federal minimum wage increases, since its beginning in the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act. A selected excerpt from the audiobook "$22 Per Hour Federal Minimum Wage" by Byron utilized to justify a $22 per hour federal minimum wage in the current year of 2019. The federal minimum wage should have been at $21.72 per hour in 2012, according to employee productivity since 1968. We are currently in the month of August in the year 2019, and the federal minimum wage is still at $7.25. 

    We are currently working on proposed legislation that will raise the federal minimum wage to $22 per hour...and at the same small business owners financially. We have a plan that can end poverty in the United States...bringing the poor and middle class up to a higher standard of living...with all United States citizens living a life of dignity. The best part of all with our that it will not cost any taxpayer money to reach the goal of ending poverty in the United States. We have drafted proposed legislation...and are continuing to draft proposed legislation that will address this issue. The task before us is not an easy task, but it is achievable. It will require a Congress that will pass the proposed legislation, and a President that will sign the proposed legislation. Read more about us here

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