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The following video is a song from the time of the civil rights movement by a group called "The Impressions," This song was released during the time the Poor People's Campaign was being planned. The composer and lyricist is Curtis Mayfield. The producer is Johnny Pate. This is a song that was definitely linked to the movement as a positive motivator for success in the movement.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica,

"In November 1967, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., and the staff of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) met and decided to launch a Poor People’s Campaign to highlight and find solutions to many of the problems facing the country’s poor. The campaign would lead up to a Poor People’s March on the country’s capital."

Encyclopaedia Britannica
further states,

"The Poor People’s Campaign was still in the planning stages when King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, in April 1968. Nevertheless, the Poor People’s March took place on June 19, 1968, led by Ralph Abernathy, a longtime friend of King who had been promoted to president of the SCLC from his post of vice president."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had plans to address the social and economic problems that confronted all poor people in the United States. The Poor People's Campaign was the vehicle through which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would address those problems. 

In the Poor People's Campaign, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was calling for a "Guaranteed Annual Income," and "Guaranteed Minimum Income" for all people and all families throughout the United States of America. This is also called a "universal basic income." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about this in 1967 during a speech at Stanford University, where he stated the following words:

“There is a great deal that the society can and must do, if the negro is to gain the economic security that he needs. Now, one of the answers, it seems to me, is a guaranteed annual income...a guaranteed minimum income for all people and for all families of our country. It seems to me that the civil rights movement must now begin to organize for the guaranteed annual income, begin to organize people all over our country, and mobilize forces...so that we can bring to the attention of our nation, this need, and this something...which I believe will go a long, long, way toward dealing with the negro's economic problem, and the economic problem which many other poor people confront in our nation.”

Today, we are calling for $2,000 in monthly United States Federal Government Guaranteed Universal Basic Income for all United States citizens at least 18 years of age, with the Universal Basic Income indexed to inflation, so as inflation rises, the amount of universal basic income will rise.

This song is the perfect song today for our movement and all movements throughout the world, as we all fight for positive change. 

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We're A Winner · The Impressions

We're A Winner

1968 Geffen Records

Released on: 1968-02-02

Producer: Johnny Pate
Composer Lyricist: Curtis Mayfield

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