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Written by: Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines

Release Date: 03-13-21
Publisher: Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines

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    The proposed legislation by Byron Goines and Meshelle Goines for $2,000 in monthly United States government guaranteed universal basic income, has been submitted to President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (Chuck Schumer), and others in Congress. The proposed legislation is available in eBook and paperback format and includes the transcript of the lecture, as Byron Goines thoroughly explains their proposal in a podcast lecture. This book is a must-read and covers numerous areas related to universal basic income in the United States, including how to fund it without utilizing taxpayer dollars. Republican ideology and Democratic ideology are also analyzed in this lecture concerning economic stimulus money for the people of the United States.