How would you feel if your children could receive free public education from K-16 instead of K-12?

This is Bill #4 K-16 Public Education Act (Bill Expanding Public Education from K-12 to K-16) Legislation is currently being drafted.


Public education has been around for a long time, and there is a lot of work to be done in this area. In this project, I'm going to addresses the topic of K-16 public a means to graduate debt-free students who are ready to either compete in the job market, start their own business, or begin other endeavors to perform their contributions to the global human family. In this upcoming project, a K-16 plan is outlined and the transforming of public schools to the condition of private schools is examined. Private schools enjoy the best, and public schools should also enjoy the best. K-16 is possible and a public education upgrade to the condition of private schools is also possible.

We believe all children should have access to K-16 public education. Preschool education prior to kindergarten is also included, and will be included in the bill that will be sent to Congress once completed. This bill would enable students to graduate college with no debt, and enter the workforce in a better situation financially. This, coupled with $2,000 in monthly guaranteed universal basic income that would begin at the age of 18...would enable the student to complete four years of college with no financial strain. This would also help parents throughout the United States who are struggling financially to pay for their children's college education.

No student should graduate college with student loan debt. When students have student loan debt, they are beginning their adult lives already in debt that will be added to when they purchase other necessities in order to live. Major purchases such as houses, furniture, major appliances, automobiles, and other necessary items result in debt for many Americans. Education is an area where students should not have any debt.

We will add the proposed legislation to this page when it is completed.

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