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Written by: Byron Goines
Narrated by: Byron Goines
Length: 1 hr
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: 03-12-13
Publisher: Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines
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    Full Audiobook Length: 1 hour

    Byron Goines delivers irrefutable truth in the revised and expanded 2nd Edition of Gun Control and the Second Amendment, debunking the pro-gun facet myth of the Second Amendment being for individuals to have the right to bear arms in order to rise up against a tyrannical government. The 2nd Edition contains much more information laid out in a straightforward format that will unequivocally prove the truth about the Second Amendment and lay to rest once and for all the false Second Amendment claims made by pro-gun facets of society.

    Byron Goines pulls out all of the stops in this book as he delivers a rebuttal to claims commonly made by pro-gun facets of society, and as a result the 2nd Edition of Gun Control and the Second Amendment is packed with information that can be utilized to win a debate on the subject of the Second Amendment. This is a must-listen for everyone seeking to learn the truth about the Second Amendment and for those who wonder where pro-gun facets of society obtain their tyrannical government theory they attempt to utilize in order to lay individual claim to the Second Amendment.

    From the author: Gun control is a necessity and it is inclusive of mental health analysis prior to completing any other prerequisites to potential gun ownership. Universal background checks are a necessity. A national gun database is a necessity. Pro-gun facets of society attempted to discredit a CNN host and have him deported for speaking the truth about gun control. Why do they do these things? They do these things because they do not want the American people to know the truth about gun control including the societal benefits of it. The time is now for change.

    I have pulled out all of the stops in this book and I have irrefutably proven the truth about the Second Amendment concerning what pro-gun facets of society have told the American people as they have circumvented the text of the Second Amendment to conform it to their political ideologies and personal opinions instead of truth. Pro-gun facets of society have stated for years the reason for the Second Amendment is for individual citizens to have the right to bear arms in order to have the ability to fight against a tyrannical government and this is not true. After they listen to this book, they will not be able to make that claim anymore as unequivocal proof leaves no room for rebuttal. Pro-gun facets of society have been successful in indoctrinating some into their ideological mindset but they have not indoctrinated everyone, as the American people are tired of all of the horrific shootings and they expect something to be done by Congress concerning gun control immediately.

    ©2013 Byron Goines (P)2013 Byron Goines