Economics / Byron Goines

(Trickle-down economics / Supply-side economics) VS (Trickle-up economics / Demand-side economics)

(Ronald Reagan / Donald Trump) trickle-down economics are debunked in the audio below by Byron Goines.

After you listen to our "trickle-down economics" audio, which totally refutes Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump's trickle-down will see the need to vote against Donald Trump in the 2020 elections to remove him from office. Share this page with others. Purchase the audio book below and share it with others. Do your part to ensure that Donald Trump does not get re-elected...and the Democrats gain control of the office of President of the United States. Do your part to ensure that Democrats gain control of the United States Senate. Do your part to ensure that Democrats maintain control of the United States House of Representatives. Republicans will not be receptive to legislative proposals to help the poor and middle-class, unless we have the support of their constituents. That is why we are seeking massive support of our legislative proposals throughout every state. Then, if Republicans are in control they will have to pass our legislative proposals, due to the will of poor and middle-class people outweighing the will of big money corporations and special interest groups. To ensure there is no possibility of a Republican block to legislation that will help the poor and middle-class...we need Democrats elected to office in the majority necessary to pass we can effectively lobby Congress and the President for passage of our proposed legislation to help the poor and middle-class.

A January 26, 2018 CNBC article by Berkeley Lovelace Jr., entitled: "Cramer: Trump wants the rich to get richer in hopes of a 'worldwide trickle down'," states the following information: 

[Trump makes a case for "worldwide trickle down" economics during this speech at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Jim Cramer says. Trump spoke "about how to get the rich to be even richer and therefore the poor will do better. Kind of a worldwide trickle down," Cramer contends.]

Our "trickle-down economics" audio above, totally refutes Donald Trump's case for trickle-down economics.