BGMG Productions is a production company founded by Byron Goines and Meshelle Goines. Its purpose is radio broadcast production, podcast production, lecture production, sermon production, music production and audiobook production.

Lectures and sermons will be broadcast and available to purchase via streaming and/or downloading. Some lectures and sermons will also have songs addressing the same topics, that are available to purchase via streaming and/or downloading. All radio broadcasts, podcasts, lectures, sermons, music and audiobooks, will educate listeners on a variety of topics. 

All radio broadcasts, podcasts, lectures, sermons, music and audiobooks are produced by Byron Goines & Meshelle Goines (BGMG Productions). Broadcasts/Podcasts, Lectures, Sermons, Political Hip Hop/Rap, Scriptural Hip Hop/Rap, Audiobooks, and Ebooks - page links are listed below: