BGMG Productions is a production company founded by Byron Goines and Meshelle Goines. Its purpose is lecture production, radio broadcast production, podcast production, sermon production, music production, audiobook production, the production of commercials and more.

BGMG Productions is the production arm utilized to assist in bringing to fruition the vision of Byron Goines and Meshelle Goines, as they work to end poverty in the United States, with the ultimate goal of ending poverty globally, as nations follow the example of the United States once poverty is addressed appropriately in the United States.

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The purchasing of products are appreciated and will help in the work to educate people and work towards ending poverty in the United States. Donations are also accepted and will assist in this endeavor.

Commercials for all United States elections - "Historical Proof Republican Presidents Destroy The Economy & Democratic Presidents Have To Repair It" and "Time To Vote Out Corrupt Politicians." When funds have been raised to buy television airtime, these commercials will be aired on television stations in selected markets. Television commercials cost a lot of money, even for locally aired commercials in selected markets. These are commercials everyone should view as they seeks to change the economic system in the United States to a system that benefits the poor, middle-class and rich. Instead of the current economic system that benefits the rich only and leaves out the poor and middle-class.

View our commercials below. These commercials are relevant for future United States elections at all levels of government. And as such this will be an ongoing process of promoting these commercials to educate people through the commercials and the song that is utilized in the commercials. All purchases and donations will be greatly appreciated. The first commercial is 2 minutes 54 seconds in length. The second commercial is 3 minutes 15 seconds in length. The full version of the song utilized in the commercials is 8 minutes 35 seconds in length, entitled: "Time To Vote Out Corrupt Politicians," is available for download below and filled with important information everyone should know. Get the full version of the song and let your friends and family hear it. Also, visit our "Lectures" link below for more teaching on different political topics, or click any of the links for products related to the corresponding links. Also, other products are available on the home page under "Categories."

Commercial "Historical Proof Republican Presidents Destroy The Economy & Democratic Presidents Have To Repair It"

Commercial "Time To Vote Out Corrupt Politicians" 3 minutes 15 seconds

Song "Time To Vote Out Corrupt Politicians" 8 minutes 35 seconds