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  • Smart Watch Fitness Tracker - 0400
  • Smart Watch Fitness Tracker - 0400
  • Smart Watch Fitness Tracker - 0400
  • Smart Watch Fitness Tracker - 0400
  • Smart Watch Fitness Tracker - 0400

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    The smart watch fitness tracker has a clock display and alarm clock, monitors heart rate and blood pressure, monitors sleep and counts walking steps. The smart watch also includes an information reminder display, smart reminder with wrist vibration perception, and a smartphone assistant, along with other functions. *The smart watch fitness tracker is not a substitute for a medical doctor's or hospital's monitoring and treatment. *The smart watch fitness tracker is not a substitute for a medical doctor's or hospital's medical equipment. The smart watch fitness tracker function list includes the following:

    1. Step count

    2. Heart rate

    3. Blood pressure

    4. Calories

    5. Bluetooth (Smart watch can be paired with the cell phone)

    6. Incoming call

    7. Information reminder

    8. Touch operation

    9. APP operation

    10. Bluetooth camera (Take pictures with the cell phone without pressing the cell phone button - just a shake of the wrist to take pictures with the cell phone)

    11. Sedentary reminder

    12. Do not disturb mode

    13. Sleep monitoring

    14. Alarm clock

    15. Clock display

    16. Find Function (enables a lost smart watch to be found by the cell phone - the smart watch will vibrate after the instruction is selected via the app) 

    17. USB charging

    Smart watch technology has enabled a watch to be designed that serves multiple purposes. Step into the year 2020 with the smart watch fitness tracker.

    Customer Support Available 24/7 - / Phone: 800-672-1014 or Chat.

    Screen Type 



    Step count

    Heart rate

    Blood pressure



    Incoming call

    Information reminder

    Touch operation

    APP operation

    Bluetooth camera

    Sedentary reminder

    Do not disturb mode

    Sleep monitoring

    Alarm clock

    Clock display

    Find lost smartwatch

    USB charging








    The product is detachable for USB charging