Ending Poverty In The United States - Guaranteed Universal Basic Income / Monthly Check For All Americans - No Strings Attached - Analyzed From Two Viewpoints

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Would $2,000 in monthly government guaranteed universal basic income help you and your family? Byron Goines explains his legislative proposal entitled: The "Guaranteed Universal Basic Income Act," which allows for $2,000 in monthly guaranteed universal basic income to be provided for all United States citizens by the federal government...as a means to eliminate poverty in the United States.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned this concept in 1967 during a speech at Stanford University. Today, in the 21st Century...there are many people, including us...advocating for a guaranteed universal basic income. See Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. video clip below where he addressed this topic. Facebook video posted by Basic Income Quotes.

Brother Mark Zuckerberg supports the exploration of ideas such as universal basic income.

Zuckerberg: We should explore ideas like universal basic income from CNBC.

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